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The Nasod Queen

Code: Antithese

When she was investigating a destroyed core, Eve finds a mysterious code that was discarded back when research for Henir was still being done. In hopes of finding a solution to rebuild the Nasod Kingdom, Eve releases the unknown code and obtains great power at the cost of her aerial movement code. Eve begins to use the unknown code even as hundreds of error messages began to build up. Unable to accept that she released a failing code, Eve forces all results to comeback successful. However, this method overloaded her emotion core whenever information and code were still lost – albeit replaced using the new perfect code. With all her system failures and code replacement happening without her knowledge, Eve could no longer differentiate between right and wrong, and decided that since she is perfect, anyone who opposes her must be wrong. Eve becomes the Queen of Extinction who wishes to eradicate all that opposes her perfect code!