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A mysterious new character joins Elsword and the El Search Party.
Ain introduces himself as a priest serving the Goddess Ishmael and offers to help their cause. He exhibits magical skill that is far greater than anyone has ever witnessed in the realm of Elrios. Wielding a pendulum, Ain is perfectly capable of various fighting styles, even projecting new weapons from the realm of gods. While he seems helpful and laid-back in nature, his true intentions remain shrouded in mystery.
Choose your Path
Learn a specific set of skills as you progress through your chosen path.
First Path
1st Job
Lofty: Executor
Job Change Quests Begin at Lv. 15
Ain focuses his energy towards teleporting,
close range fighting, and projecting
even more powerful weapons of the Goddess.
2nd Job
Arme Thaumaturgy
Job Change Quests Begin at Lv. 35
Ain unleashes the Goddess’s power
from within him in its full potential and activates
Erst der Letzt, the Goddess’s strongest sword.
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