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When Ciel receives a fatal wound from the on-going assault from the demon assassins, Lu decides to attempt another soul contract to save him. However, the taxing nature of the contract begins to dull Lu's senses, and her emotions start to fade as a sense of futility engulfs her. As Lu's emotions fade away after the contract, Ciel believes this to be his fault. And when Lu's condition continues to worsen, his self-blame and guilt begins to form a twisted sense of responsibility. Watching Ciel, Lu reminisces the warm emotion she felt before and extends her hand towards Ciel. He notices the gesture without a smile, but this change gives him hope that his efforts are coming to fruition and that her willpower is returning. Ciel believes that everything will be back to how it was if Lu regains her throne and power. This finally gives him the resolve to destroy everything that stands in his way!